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Hi everyone and welcome to my ‘My United Football’ website.

Ever since 1998 when I was eleven (11) years-old, football, or soccer, has been my passion. Over the years I have been passionate about wearing football jerseys and have seen persons become passionate about the football gears that their favourite team is wearing.  They even become more excited when they get to wear a jersey with the number of their favourite football star.

Playing football is another passion and I have seen persons save their money just to buy a good pair of football shoes, and even a football jersey with the name and number of a famous football player on it.

  I have played football myself but not professionally.



When I got my own football, and I was alone, I would practice dribbling and juggling with it just to keep myself occupied. If only there was more capital, and I dedicated myself more to playing football for my school then maybe I would have become a football star now and I would be playing for my country and maybe Manchester United as well.




Here is a short story about my Football life

Being a child- growing up in Jamaica where young people my age would use plastic bottles to make “so-called” footballs, which we would use and pass around to our team-mates and dribble, shoot and even score into our opponents’ makeshift goal.

We would be joyful when we score. However, we would not turn down the opportunity to use a real ball instead of a plastic bottle.


Sometimes the ball is not a football, but a basketball or volleyball. Nevertheless, we loved football so much, we used them to play football. But when we get a real football, which I received from a relative from England, my friends and I would play football when we get the chance to. 


Jamaica Reggae Boyz in Action vs The USA

I remember I got very excited when my country, Jamaica (The Reggae Boyz), qualified for the 1998 world cup in France. I watched the matches they played. 


However, I was more excited to see Brazil play football- they played very skillfully and attractive. Back then, they had superstar players such as Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Taffarel, Dunga and Cafu.


The Governing Body of Jamaica’s Football


An image of the World Cup Trophy




I think football is the greatest sport on earth. I enjoy watching it more than any other sport.  Over the years I have followed many football teams but I enjoy watching English Premier League (EPL) matches, especially ones involving Manchester United Football Club.


Sir Alex Ferguson

I officially became a Manchester United Fan when I came home from High school and watched a Champions League Final match between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, which Manchester United won 2-1. It was a thrilling victory and I was amazed how Manchester United came back into the game and won.


At that time, David Beckham was playing for Manchester United and I was an admirer of him as a professional football player. Beckham played a significant role in Manchester United’s victory in that match.



A portrait of Sir Alex Ferguson at Man United’s Manager


There were other players on that team who I looked up to such as Dwight Yorke, who was a Caribbean player.  At that time Manchester United’s manager was Sir Alex Ferguson.






When I went to school, almost all the boys were talking about that match and I could too.  Also, when I went to the game shop to play FIFA on Nintendo 64, I would choose Manchester United as my team of choice most of the times. 


Although Man United is my most favourite club, there are other football clubs that I like to see doing very well- Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Barcelona, Chelsea (an arch rival of Man United).



Here’s why I think this website can help

I want to help football fans all over the world enjoy football more, whether they ‘eat’ football, play football, ‘sleep’ football or watch football.  You must be wondering if I am crazy because no one can eat or sleep football, but that’s just a figure of speech to show you how passionate people can be about football.


I plan to use this site to help you know and even understand how much the sport of football has changed and even how the EPL, the best football league in the world has changed, and why it is so popular.


I also want to mention the top five (5) teams in the EPL  which football fans can expect to win the Premier League in almost any season.

Flag with Manchester United logo

These teams are Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. In the EPL any team, even the ones considered weak can beat the strong and even the strongest ones. I also want to mention about the FIFA world cup, which is the greatest show on earth.

In the FIFA world cup, almost any team can win a match against any other team. But it takes those with the best players showing wonderful team spirit and best tactics and coaching to win the world cup.


I will help persons share their passion for football as a sport. I want to let them know that they can use the sport of football to help themselves because a sport is a medicine; sport is a part of life.


Being in a competition is healthy. I believe that competition can help to build character and makes everyone better. Sport is not just a source of business, but it is a passion for engaging in business. One advice to help you build your self-esteem is to compete in the sport, especially football.



Express the Passion In the Sport

It is the intention of My United Football to make posts of the team’s kits (home and away jerseys, shorts, shoes, etc.), the players, match fixtures and results. The website will also be making links available to users, so they click on their favourite kits and be directed to sites where they can buy the jerseys of their favourite football star.


The website will not only allow kits of Manchester United Players to be seen, which users may want to buy, but other jerseys of other star players from other teams will be displayed.
Jerseys of players such as Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. Ibrahimović, Lukaku, James Rodriguez, Rooney, Rashford and other big star players will be shown.


I know many fans would love the opportunity to get the actual jersey of any of these stars, but we all can’t. But you can buy a jersey with the name of your favourite star on it and wear it.


Wearing Jersey is not enough, you may just want to buy a pair of studs as well.


So, have a look around and if you ever want a hand and it is about your favourite team or passion for playing the sport or anything to discuss on this website for my history, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


I got my first start to build a website with the help of Wealthy Affiliate University.  It was very easy to start the website because I followed step-by-step instructions by the Wealthy Affiliate co-founder Kyle.  I was able to select a theme I wanted to use for my site template and, a title for my website for free.

Plus, the training to build the website was also free.  I was given the privilege of making at least two websites for free and I was also given a free domain name called siterubix.com on which I can place my website.  In a matter of seconds after following the instructions I was able to see my website on the internet!


If you would you would like to know more about me and where I created this website, join me and check out my wealthy affiliate profile for more information.

Free to start and learn. It’s easy, fun and very informative.  If you have questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll get right back to you.  If you want to get in touch with me at Wealthy Affiliate, please visit my profile page. My username is Nickoy.




Nickoy Mitchell

Football is the King of All Sports


Flags of countries that have qualified for world cup 2018











Bye for now,


Founder of My United Football


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  1. Hey Nicky!
    Although I don’t know a thing about football, (I’m a baseball/basketball kind of girl) I enjoyed reading your posts and checking things out. I love your website. It’s clean and crisp and professional. Fonts might be a little too small. Your trophy images are awesome along with all that you’re promoting. You have everything organized beautifully. I wish you and myunitedfootball.com the very best. Hey, may I ask what your site theme is? Thanks.

    1. Thank you Lupe for taking the time out to read my post. I greatly appreciate it. Football is a wonderful sport to be involved in…always exciting and fulfilling. I will work on the fonts to make the bigger so it will be easier to read. Please revisit my site whenever you wish.


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