Celebrate Man Utd win with a free delivery on all orders

There’s joy among the fans of Man Utd players and supporters as many of them are still celebrating the miraculous away win on Wednesday over PSG.  It was a joy to behold the delight on the Man Utd players’ faces as well as their manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as they hugged and congratulated each other and those around them of the well-deserved victory.  There were many smiles and laughter all around.

Manchester United’s mega online store, United Direct is celebrating this win.  There is a March Madness sale going now at the United Direct with over 100 lines of clothing items on sale.  And to top it all off, when you make your purchase, the delivery to anywhere in the World is free!

2018/19 Manchester United Home Kit

The March Madness sale is now on!

Man Utd has announced that it’s having its March madness sale which also involves free shipping to anywhere in the world.  With over 100 lines of products available at United Direct, there is something for everybody.  Hurry, because these offers are available only while stocks last.  Man Utd is very, very popular and once this news reaches the ears of those jersey loving and fashion loving individuals, it might be too late for you to buy because the stocks may just run out! 

Click on the image above to make your purchase.

Who wouldn’t want to have a jersey of Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard or any other of their favourite players to wear?  Or if you are more into the fashion, then their fashionable clothing with the Man Utd logo on them so you can proudly wear them wherever you go and show your support for United without having to be talking about sports or shouting “Glory Man Utd!”

Man Utd best selling heroes

Some of the best selling jerseys are from Man United players, and these players are called the best selling heroes because their jerseys tend to sell the most.  Just take a look at this picture below of the names of the players and you will know who these players are.  Just click on the image below and you will be taken to the Man Utd store where you can make your purchase:

Once taken to the page you can opt to buy a Lukaku jersey or any other of the players’  jersey listed that you want to buy.

Well, if you don’t see a name you are looking for then check out this picture here:

I know I will be happy to wear any of these jerseys almost anywhere where wearing a jersey is appropriate. You don’t have to worry about the size because there is a size just for you.

How about owning your own home kit?

Man United’s home kits are among the best designed around the world and they are designed from a special type of plastic in a campaign called save the ocean campaign. The plastic used to make the jerseys were obtained from plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in the ocean.  So, when you buy a Man Utd jersey, you are contributing towards reducing plastic pollution of our oceans!  There are 23 home kit products available for you to choose from and they come in all sizes.

Who is your favourite Man Utd player?

I know that we all may have our own personal player who we admire and see as our role model but these three young men here are among the best of the Man Utd players right now and it’s very difficult to imagine winning a match without either of thee three on the field.

You can buy the player’s jersey that you want, just ensure to have your credit.debit card details with you and do so wisely.

Are you into Fashion?

If you are into fashion then you would like to do it the Man Utd style way. There is a range of fashion products to choose from that you can wear proudly anywhere you go and look damn good!  Manchester United has not forgotten that you have taste and they want their fans to look very good too. So, they have a number of fashion items that you can choose from.  Items range from a Man United red graphic T-shirt, a Manchester United black sweat pants to a Manchester United black ZNE Hoody.


The deal only lasts for the entire month of March so it’s best for you to act as early as you can to purchase any one of these items that you want. Also, if you sign up, you get a chance to save 10%.  And remember, these items will be delivered to you free of cost for the month of March.

Plus, there are many more items to choose from such as the UCL souvenirs, which include a cup, key ring and others.

Thank you for reading and I encourage you to show your support and celebrate the win with Man Utd.

13 thoughts on “Celebrate Man Utd win with a free delivery on all orders

  1. Congratulations to Manchester united on a stunning comeback in Paris. The spirit in Manchester would definitely be high. I actually did believe Man United could do it. 

    However, I’m not actually interested in a Man U kit. I’m an arsenal fan but I appreciate all clubs in England. It’s a good discount United are giving, I’ll be sure to tell my red devil’s friends about it.

    Hope to read your post after Sundays game, warm regards

    1. Yes, I appreciate it. I had an Uncle who was an Arsenal fan.  Go ahead and tell your Red Devil friends about this deal. I am sure they would want to come here and make a purchase.

  2. Celebrating victory over PSG really call for it. If anybody tell me before that match that Manchester United is going to win that match I will deny it and call that person a fool because all odds is against Manchester United. This win against psg really give me more confidence that Manchester United manager is really the man for the job. 

    and concerning the the march madness sale  that is going on now. I will like to have a jersey with Lukaku name at the back of it

    1. Yes, you can get a jersey with Lukaku name on the back of it.  You can click on the first image under the heading  “Man Utd best-selling Heroes” and you will be taken to the online megastore. Remember, as long as you purchase it in March, United Direct promises a free delivery.

  3. I had not heard of Man Utd, but I love sporting a jersey of some of the best players, especially on game day!  Even better is that they are having a sale right now.  I will be marching right over there next to see if they have women’s sizes.  Do you know if they do?  I would really like a women’s polo style shirt.  Thanks!

  4. I begin to love united since Paul Pogba joined. The March madness sale is really cool from Manchester united FC. I am still in the mood of celebrating the surprised qualification against PSG in France. I have make my order for Pogba shirt to benefit from this March madness sale coupled with free shipping. What’s the percentage discount now? 

    1. You can get a 10% discount when you sign up on United Direct.  The option is there at the bottom of the website.

  5. What a joyful post! It is really a great victory on the match. An also a supporter as this victory still radiate my heart, celebrating the miraculous away win on Wednesday over PSG. Even, the Caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer heaped praise on Manchester United’s players after their jaw-dropping Champions League triumph at Paris St Germain. Of course, I wasn’t sure we were going to win the match but it was a miracle. So, I happy to partake in the March madness sale which also involves free shipping to anywhere in the world. I will glad to have a jersey of Paul Pogba, which is my favourite player. Yeah, it will be fascinating having fashionable clothing with the Man Utd logo on them so I can proudly wear them wherever I go and show your support for United without having to be talking about sports or shouting “Glory Man Utd!”. Off I go, to get mine.

    1. Yes, it’s indeed a pleasure to see United win.  I am happy for all of the players and manager.  Paul Pogba is one o my favourite players too- alongside Martial, Rashford. You can also make your order through here. You can click on the “March Madness” image under the heading ” and it will take you to United Direct, you can then scroll down and look for Paul Pogba and click on his image and you will be taken to that page where you can buy your Paul Pogba jersey.

  6. Nice to have free delivery on all orders. I appreciate their practice. Celebrate victory with fans. Everybody is happy!

    Thanks for sharing this promotion.

    1. Yes. It’s very nice indeed to have free delivery on all orders. I will be making some orders myself soon. Be sure to make an order yourself to buy any of those products that you desire.

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