FIFA World Cup 2018 results: a look at the results for day 8

The eighth match of the tournament had three very important matches that their results could help to predict, which teams would make it the second round.  Argentina’s match against Croatia was the most important of the day as millions of fans around knew that any disappointing FIFA World Cup 2018 results for Argentina could mean that their team would crash out of the World Cup. 



World Cup 2018 results:  Denmark vs Australia

This is the 21st match of World Cup 2018.   The Danes (Denmark players) were dressed in white tops (shirts) and red bottom (shorts) and the Australians in their full green kit. Both teams knew a victory would serve them well, especially the Danes as they already had three points.


Denmark flag (left) and Australia flag (right)- showing the results of the World Cup match between them


In the 7th minute, Denmark’s #10, Erikssen scored the second goal for Denmark of World Cup 2018 and the first of the match.  He gave an assist for the 1st goal of the 1st game.  In this match, the goal assist goes to Jorgenssen, who wears the #9 jersey.  Jorgenssen had made a lovely pass on the outside of his right foot to Erikssen who made a lovely volley into the back of Australia’s net.


In response to Denmark’s goal, the Australians came pressing back.  As a result of their continual pressing, they got a penalty in the 36th minute after a protest for handball.  The penalty was awarded via a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) decision.  Australia’s #15 (and captain) Jedinak stepped up from the spot and scored.  This made the scoreline become 1-1, and it is Australia’s second goal of the World Cup, and both goals are scored by Jedinak.


Jedinak now has a perfect penalty scoring record- he has scored 15 goals out of 15 penalties for both his club and country.  Yussuf Yurary Poulsen was given a yellow card because of handball and as a result, will miss the next match in the group against France because he was given a yellow card in the match against Peru.


However, the decision to give Poulsen a yellow card seemed harsh because his hand was in an unnatural position, but it seemed like Poulsen did not deliberately handle the ball.  Poulsen has become the second player to give away two penalties in a World Cup, since 1966.


At the end of the first half, Australia had 54% ball possession and Denmark had 46% possession.  Australia has the record for the most goals in a World Cup qualifier-when they defeated American Somalia 31 goals to nil.  In the 51st minute, Denmark appealed for a VAR penalty, but it was not awarded.  So far, there have been 11 penalties awarded in World Cup 2018, in the group stage, which is more than the number in the group stage of World Cup 2014.


In the second half, the game was even-stevens as both teams seem very likely to score.  Despite, all the hard work and attempts on goal, Denmark and Australia drew 1-1.



World Cup 2018 results: the 2nd match of day 8- France vs Peru

France, clad in full blue and red socks took on South Americans Peru clad in full white with a red stripe in the front and back of their shirts.  The match started with some excitement, with the French players looking to be the better of the two teams.  Paul Pogba who scored the winning goal against Australia, saw his shot going wide.


Kylian Mbappe- the goal scorer for France

Later on, Varane saw his header going just wide of Peru’s goal far post.  Afterwards, Antoine Griezmann saw his low shot blocked by the goalkeeper’s knee.  After 26 minutes, France got the most meaningful of chances in the game, but the players could not capitalise.  Peru’s best chance of the half came in the 30th minute when their captain took a low left-footed shot in the box, but, Lloris, the French goalkeeper was there to make the save.


Mbappe (wearing the #10 jersey) got a chance to put France 1-0 up when Pogba made a wonderful pass to him.  However, in the 34th minute, Giroud’s shot was deflected into the path of Mbappe who tapped the ball into the back of the net.  Kylian Mbappe is now the youngest player to score in the World Cup for France.  He is the 12th teenager to score in the World Cup. The youngest teenager to score in a World Cup match is Pele at age 17.


In the 39th minute, France had another goal-scoring chance with a lightning counter strike but Giroud could not reach the ball from a cross before the Peru goalkeeper.  In the 42nd minute, France had a delightful attack on goal that nearly doubled their lead.  The first half ended 1-0 and the score would remain the same way in the second half as France won the match 1-0.  As a result of this match, France is now on 6 points.



World Cup match of the day: Argentina vs Croatia

Croatia started their game operating in their black and blue kit while Argentina started with their light blue and white kit.  Perisic got a break in the 5th minute for Croatia, which forced the Argentina goalkeeper to dive to his left to make a big save.

Rakitic- the second goal scorer for Croatia against Argentina


Argentina got a break in the 26th minute to get a goal but, Croatian defender, Strinic put the ball away for a corner.

However, the corner was wasted by Meza (an Argentinian forward).  Another chance was given to Argentina to score due to a mix-up between the Croatian goalkeeper and one of his defenders.  But Perez (the Argentine attacker) saw his shot hit the side netting.


Croatia’s Mandzukic got a very good chance of opening the scoring for Croatia but saw his one-on-one encounter with the goalkeeper messed up- he missed the ball when trying to head it.


In the 53rd minute, Croatia’s #18, Rebic pounced upon a defensive error made by the Argentine defender, Meccado and the goalkeeper, Caballero.  Rebic made an overhead kick to put the ball in the back of the net.   This goal by Rebic is his first in 5 years for his country.


After 62 minutes,  Messi tried to penetrate his way to the penalty area to make a shot but was blocked out by the defenders.  In the 63rd minute, Higuain got a break for Argentina when the ball was cut back into the box.  Meza pounced on the ball and shot at goal but the goalkeeper was at the near post to keep it out.  Messi tried to capitalise on the rebound but was blocked out.



Argentina sunk into big trouble

Mandzukic tried to give Croatia a 2-0 lead but saw his shot hit the side net.  Rakitic made a shot on goal but saw the sting taken out of his shot by a defender.  In the 80th minute, Modric, Croatia’s #10 scored Croatia’s 2nd goal from about 20-yards out with a fabulous strike.

Modric- Croatia's 3rd goal scorer in the match

In the 85th minute, Otamendi was given a yellow card for kicking Rakitic.  However, Rakitic, in the 86th minute, almost got a 3rd Croatian goal from a direct freekick when he saw his shot hit the cross-bar.  Approaching 90 minutes, Rakitic pushed the dagger into Argentina’s heart even further when he scored Croatia’s 3rd goal.


The match ended 3-0, and Croatia advances to the knockout stage (round 2).  Argentina now hopes that Nigeria and Iceland draw their match and that Croatia defeats Iceland and, they defeat Nigeria.






Australia showed that they should not be counted out as one of the teams to qualify for round 2 when they made a fight back, with the help of  VAR decision for a penalty to gain a 1 point through a draw with Denmark.


France proved why they are the favourites to win the group with a 1-0 win over the South American country, Peru and booked their place into the round of 16.


Argentina got the best of chances in the first half of their match.  But, Rebic, in the 2nd half showed Perez, of Argentina, how to take a gift, after he had missed his chance earlier in the match.    At the end of the match, Argentina did get more disappointing World Cup 2018 results as they slumped to the bottom of their group with only 1 point. Croatia’s victory increased their points to 6 and, this confirmed their spot in round 2.


Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments to make about these matches or any of the players, please write them in the comments section below, thanks.  




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