FIFA World Cup 2018 Results: What are the results for day 4?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia continued its momentum with some interesting matches on the fourth day. Tournament favourites Brazil and defending Champions Germany were hoping to kick off their journey in the World Cup finals with a victory over their opponents, while CONCACAF team Costa Rica looked to impress the world again as they did in the 2014 World Cup tournament. However, it can be said that all three countries finished the day in shock after they ended their matches getting disappointing results. Thus, twisting some expectations for the FIFA World Cup 2018 results.



FIFA World Cup Results: Day 4- Serbia vs Costa Rica

The match between Costa Rica, also known as the Los Ticos and Serbia was expected to be an interesting one as both teams came into the match with the potential to win. Back in 2014, Costa Rica shocked the world when they topped their group, which also consisted of Uruguay, Italy and England. The Los Ticos defeated both Italy and Uruguay and drew with England, which are countries that have won the World Cup before. But, it was the Serbians who were victorious at the end of the match.

Flag of Serbia-a country participating in World cup 2018


Costa Rica came into the World Cup 2018 tournament with their heads held high. Many were expecting Costa Rica to beat Serbia because of their previous success in the 2014 tournament in Brazil when they reached as far as the Quarterfinals. However, this time around, Serbia did play well enough to show the Los Ticos how serious they are about reaching as far as they can in this World Cup tournament.


It was Costa Rica who got the easiest chance in the first half to open the scoring with a header after a wonderful cross was made into the box. But, the Costa Rican player headed the ball over the crossbar- much to the delight of the goalkeeper and the Serbians. The Serbian players got a few chances themselves but, they failed to capitalise due to the strong defence and excellent goalkeeper the Costa Ricans have. The Costa Rican goalkeeper is Keylor Navas, who plays for three consecutive times Champions League winners Real Madrid. Jesus Navas was excellent in goal as he made some very good saves.


Flag of Costa Rica- a CONCACAF country participating in World Cup 2018


The first half ended 0-0 with many persons expecting the second half to be as exciting as the first or even more intense. The Serbians started to play better in the second half. Efforts made by the Serbian players such as Manchester United’s Nemanja Matic, Lazio’s Milinkovic-Savic, and former Manchester City’s and now Roma’s Kalorov, to attack Keylor Navas’ goal paid off.


The player wearing the number eleven (#11) jersey, Kolarov scored a wicked free-kick with a left-footed shot to beat Navas.  Kolarov kicked the ball powerfully, and it was always curling away from Navas as it made its way into the top left corner of the goal. No matter what Navas tried he could not keep it (the ball) out. It was in the 56th minute the goal was scored and, it is the first for Serbia in the tournament.


This goal is the first of day 4 of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This is the third (3rd) free kick of the world cup that resulted in a goal. The match ended 1-0.


This is the longest the World Cup has gone so far, without a Red Card shown to a player. In 1986, it was in the 15th match that a Red Card was shown to a player.


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What was the result of Germany vs Mexico match?

I don’t have much to say, but I must say that most analysts, football fans, players and managers that had an interest in this match were expecting the defending champions, Germany to win this match and do so quite comfortably. However, to be honest, based on how well the Mexicans performed in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I was expecting to see an upset- the Germans defeated by a team inferior to them.


Illustration of Germany vs Mexico on a football field


It was in the 35th minute that Lorenza got a break alongside his teammate through the German defence and, they made full use of the opportunity and scored their (Mexico’s) first goal of the tournament.


However, the Germans tried desperately to make a comeback in the second half, but the Mexicans defended very well and, their goalkeeper Ochoa was very alert and did very well to ensure that his team secured all three points and make a historic victory- to defeat the defending World Cup champions 1-0.


Germany has become the third defending champion to lose their opening match of the World Cup after they had won it before. In 2002, France lost 1-0 to Senegal; in 2010 the Italians lost their opening match and, in 2014 the 2010 champions, Spain was hammered 5-1 by the 2010 World Cup runners-up, Holland.


Germany now has Sweden and South Korea to play against. So, the players will have to win these matches to ensure they advance to the second round of the World Cup.


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FIFA World Cup Results: Match of the day – Brazil vs Switzerland

World Cup 2018- Brazil and Switzerland flags impressed on soccer balls


Brazil is the most successful country to qualify for the tournament and, currently have won 5 World Cup titles. They are looking towards adding another one to that tally by winning this World Cup. The Brazilians started off their first match against Switzerland very well. 


Phillippe Coutinho- the goal scorer for Brazil in this match


 They were playing so well that in the 20th minute, the number eleven (#11) Phillipe Coutinho from Barcelona made a spectacular shot from a little outside the 18-yard box to score the goal of the day. This goal is the first of FIFA 2018 for Brazil.


Dressed in their Nike Sponsored kit, the Brazil players were in their yellow shirts and white shorts. The Swiss on the other hand wore their kit sponsored by Puma.



Illustration of Super Star Neymar Jr. leading his country Brazil in the World Cup



However, the Swiss were not dismayed, however, because in the second half in the 50th minute they had an equaliser. The goal came from a brilliant header that was placed pass the Brazilian goalie. The goal was scored by the number 14 (#14) player named Zuber, who capitalised on a very good cross from a corner kick. This is Zuber’s first World Cup goal for Switzerland, and it is their first goal of the tournament.


However, the Brazilian’s were protesting that Zuber had fouled one of their players by pushing him in the back and leaning on him as he jumped to make the header.


Many eyes were on Neymar Jr. But he did not do as well as he wanted. He was brought down many times and, the first yellow card of the day went to the Swiss Lichsteiner after he made a foul on Neymar Jr.


Neymar Jr. seems to be the king of drawing fouls as he was fouled by #22 Fabian Schar, who received a yellow card as a result. Schar was given the yellow card for pulling Neymar’s shirt back twice. The foul resulted in a free kick near the 18-yard box. It was taken by Neymar, but it did not result in a goal or a chance for a goal as the shot hit into the wall.


However, a few minutes later, another Swiss player was booked after he committed a foul on Neymar! This was the third yellow card of the day for Switzerland. The card was shown to #11 Behrani.



In the 79th minute, Firminho came on for #9 G. Jesus for Brazil. The Swiss also made a change slightly afterwards, with #7 Embolo, a black player got a taste of the World Cup action on the field in the 80th minute.


Chances for Brazil to take the lead and win it

In the 90th minute, Brazil got a wonderful chance to go 2-1 up. But, they were denied by the Swiss goalie after he dived to his right to block Firminho’s header. The cross to Firminho was made by Neymar from a free-kick. In the 95th minute, Brazil got another chance to go 2-1 up and win the match from a free-kick which was well defended and then they got a corner but failed to capitalise on the opportunity.


However, the Brazilians could not break down the defence of the Swiss, and, so, the match ended 1-1, which is a disappointment for Brazil because they were expecting to beat Switzerland.



At the end of the day, the three teams that were expecting to walk away triumphant were disappointed. First Costa Rica, then Germany and Brazil. Costa Rica seems to be in most trouble here because they are on zero (0) points after playing 1 match. Germany suffered their shock defeat to Mexico but still has hope because they can beat Sweden and South Korea and get 6 points and may have a chance to qualify for the round of sixteen (16).


Brazil will have Serbia and Costa Rica to play against, which they will need to beat in order to secure their qualification to the round of sixteen in the FIFA World Cup 2018. Otherwise, the tournament favourites and their main man Neymar Jr. will be in big trouble, especially with their fans back at home in Brazil.


At the end of the day, there were four goals scored: 1 by Serbia, 1 by Mexico, 1 by Brazil and 1 by Switzerland.


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  1. Great timing with the site! I’ve been really surprised and impressed on how well Mexico is playing! Will you have new posts as the world cup continues?
    I’m using the same theme as you and I’ve struggled with my set up a little bit, but just looking at your site, I’ve learned a few things. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey, I am also impressed by how Mexico played their first round matches- the first two that is.  I did not really get to watch their last match because my World Cup football provider was showing the Germany South Korea match at the time because both matches were being played simultaneously.  I am glad Mexico is through to the second round. But, I don’t think they will do well enough to beat Brazil (my number 1 World Cup soccer team). 

      I will be posting new blogs as the World Cup progresses.  I hope  my computer gets back up though because it’s down.  But, I am still watching and writing about matches. 

      Enjoy the rest of the World Cup.  Which team are you supporting or want to win the World Cup?

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