FIFA World Cup Russia 2018: day 6 of the tournament

The sixth day of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 gave three exciting matches. Each match ended in a victory and the teams that won were not the likeliest expected to win. Japan, Senegal and Russia got the better of Colombia, Poland and Egypt, respectively. The biggest victory of the day was Russia’s stunning victory over Egypt, which was the performance of the day.



Japan silenced Colombia

The Japanese started the game with a positive start as they started attacking Colombia’s goal from the blowing of the first whistle. It was not long before the Japanese started to reap the fruits of their labour as in the fourth minute, they were awarded a penalty because of deliberate handball by Colombia central defensive midfielder Sanchez. He was shown a red card and became the first player to do so. This is the second fastest red card to be shown in World Cup history- the fastest red card came in 56 seconds in a match against Uruguay in the 1988 World Cup.


Japan flag (left) and Colombia flag (right)- showing the results of the World Cup 2018 match between them


Former Manchester United star Kagawa tool the penalty in the sixth (6th) minute and scored to give Japan a 1-0 lead. The penalty award is the ninth of the World Cup and the seventh to be scored.


The match went on smoothly from there with both teams playing well and showing potential to score.


In the 39th minute, Colombia’s #20, Quintero put Colombia from a free kick he took just on the edge of the 18-yard box. Quintero drove the ball low and hard under the human wall (which had jumped- which is normal), on the ground to cross the line, even though the goalkeeper tried to keep the ball out.  It took goal-line technology to prove that it was a goal.


For argument’s sake, Colombia should not have been awarded that free-kick because Radamel Falcao had deliberately bounced into the Japanese defender and brought him down. To be fair, the free kick should have been awarded to Japan. The first half ended 1-1.


At the start of the second half. Japan began to dominate possession and was threatening the Colombian goal over and over. The hard work for Japan paid off when Osako (the player wearing the #15 Jersey) scored a header from a cross from the corner.  It was a brilliant goal!

James Rodriguez, the golden boot winner of 2014, came close to equalising for Colombia but his shot was blocked in the penalty area.


At the end of the match, the score was Japan 2, Colombia 1. The win for Japan is historic because they are the first Asian team to defeat a South American team in the World Cup tournament. The victory also placed Japan at the top of Group H with 3 points and +1 goal difference.


Poland vs Senegal

This match started with most persons expecting Poland to be the winner.  Senegal has been in the World Cup (2002) once before and did very well-going all the way to the quarter-finals. Well, the Senegal players came into this match with a mentality to win and they did give the Polish players a very warm time.


Poland flag (left) and Senegal flag (right)- showing the results of the World Cup 2018 match between them


In the 38th minute, Senegal got their first goal of World Cup 2018 through an own goal by Cionek. The goal for Senegal makes them the 1st African team to score in the World Cup 2018.


Lewandowski (a Bayern Munich player) got a chance to make Poland equalise from a free kick but his shot was blocked.


In the second half, Senegal’s #19, Niang gets Senegal’s second goal of the World Cup. This is Niang’s first goal for Senegal. Polish players were complaining about the goal because they claimed they did not see when Niang was summoned by the referee to return on the field after he was temporarily on the sideline for being hurt. The Iceland defender had played the ball back to his goalkeeper but, Niang took advantage, got on the end of it, skipped the ball past the keeper and then scored.


In the 86th minute, Poland finally gets a goal, which came from a header by Poland’s, #10 Krychowiak.


However, Senegal held on for the win. So, at full time, it was Poland 1, Senegal 2. The win for Senegal makes them the first African team to gain three (3) points in World Cup 2018 tournament.


Match three (3) of day six: Egypt vs Russia

Egypt came into this match starting their main star player, Mohammed Salah, who did not play against Uruguay, which Egypt lost 1-0. The Egyptians were expected to win even before the start of the World Cup. Russia came into the World Cup labelled as the worst team because they are ranked #70 in the world now. So, most persons were expecting Egypt to win.


However, coming off their 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia, the Russians promised to give a very good performance, which they did. The first half was evenly poised with both teams making attempts on goal. It was in the second half that things got more exciting.


Russia flag (left) and Egypt flag (right) -showing the results of the World Cup 2018 match between them


In the 47th minute, Ahmed Fathy scored an own goal to give Russia a 1-0 lead. Then, in the 59th minute, Russia got their second goal of the match, which came via #6, Cheryshev, which is his third goal of the tournament.  Chebyshev’s goal came from a wicked right-footed shot. Russia’s 3rd goal of the match came via the player wearing the #22 jersey, Dzyba, in the 62nd minute.


However, before the end of the game, VAR came to Egypt’s rescue as they were awarded a penalty. Salah stepped up to the spot and trashed the ball into the left-hand corner of the goal. This is Salah’s first World Cup goal and Egypt’s first since 1990.


After full time, the score was Russia 3 and Egypt 1. Russia has become the first team to qualify for the 2nd round. So far, Russia has scored the most goals in the tournament with eight goals. Russia went into the tournament as the worst team. But, Russia has proved their critics wrong and has run a riot here at World Cup 2018.



Hearts Broken

An illustration of what happened to the Egypt fans when the lost to Russia in World Cup match

The Egyptians were expecting to win this match and then, beat Saudi Arabia in their last match and advance to the 2nd round but they suffered defeat first to Uruguay and then to Russia, which made Egypt unable to progress despite the outcome of the last match. They may have a chance if Saudi Arabia beat Uruguay, but that’s not very likely.

At the end of the match, some very sad faces of Egyptian fans could be seen.




Day six of the World Cup gave many surprises as the teams expected to win, such as Colombia over Japan, Poland over Senegal and Egypt over Russia were defeated. Colombia and Poland have two matches remaining so they have a chance to redeem themselves. But Egypt does not have much of a chance to qualify to the second round of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.


At the end of the day, a total of ten (10) goals were scored.


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