Man Utd News Blog: Who will the club transfer in the summer?

Fred- A potential Man Utd midfielder

Manchester United F.C. fans have heard and read transfer rumours about which players will be signed in the summer and which Manchester United players will be transferred. In Man Utd news the Red Devils’ manager Jose Mourinho has been at the centre as many fans speculate who he will transfer to and from Manchester United.


Man Utd News Blog: will Mourinho ask Pogba and Sanchez to ‘leave’?


Man Utd. midfielder- Paul Pogba in action

Manchester United’s manager, Jose Mourinho could sell Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez as he plans big Real Madrid raid.

Do you want Mourinho to sell Paul Pogba or Alexis Sanchez?

Alexis Sanchez- Transferred to United in January 2018

Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba are two big signees for United who have ‘failed’ to meet the high expectations that the club and their fans had of them in the recently concluded 2017/2018 Premier league season.

A recent Man Utd news blog reported that Paul Pogba’s future at Manchester United looks dim (or far from certain) with the France International midfielder seems to repeatedly have clashed with Jose Mourinho. Meanwhile, Chile International Alexis Sanchez has only bagged three goals for United since he signed from Arsenal in January.


There are claims being made that Mourinho may let go of these two players as he is having his eye on Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. The news of Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) returning to Old Trafford is not new because these having being surfacing since he left Old Trafford in 2009.

Ronaldo seems to have regained his form as he has driven his team to possible three years in a row Champions League title. (Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo will be able to accomplish this feat?)

Cristiano Ronaldo- playing for Real Madrid and a former Man United player

The Man United news blogs are that Manchester United may sell both Pogba and Sanchez to convince the Real Madrid star to return to United. It is claimed that Pogba may be used in any deal for Ronaldo. The estimate of CR7’s value is an estimated £153 million and United’s deal would be that if they include Pogba, Real Madrid would give Ronaldo for significantly less.

Also, the former Arsenal star, Alexis Sanchez may be told to leave as well. United forks out £400,000 per week for Sanchez. The Chilean forward does show some recent signs of shining but this may not be enough because it has been reported that they think that money will be better invested in Ronaldo or someone like Ronaldo.



Man Utd News: Benfica’s Anderson Talisca sparks transfer rumours

Anderson Talisca (the man holding the baby girl)


In a recent Man United News Blog, it has been reported that the latest activity by Anderson Talisca on Instagram, has sparked transfer rumours that he may be heading to Old Trafford this upcoming season. Reports are that Anderson Talisca recent follows on Instagram contributed to a meltdown of United fans as they speculate that the forward may move to Old Trafford.


The case is, Anderson Talisca has recently started following Manchester United’s forward Marcus Rashford on Instagram. It is just this action of following Marcus Rashford that has started this big transfer rumour all over social media that Anderson Talisca will become a forward for the Red Devils. (After all, it’s transfer season so, any news of any action involving Manchester United’s players may just escalate into the news of a possible transfer.)


However, it has been revealed that it’s possible that Manchester United may sign the striker for the upcoming season. There are reports made by Turkish journalists that the Turkish club Besiktas, who Anderson Talisca has been loaned to, is planning to buy the player from Benfica and then sell him at a high price for profit.


One Turkish said that Talisca has already started the process of joining with Jose Mourinho at Manchester United. A tweet made on about the player said that Talisca has already signed a preliminary protocol with Manchester United. This is almost like saying that the striker has one foot into the club. But, this is just rumour because Benfica has not yet made any agreement with Manchester United regarding the player.


There is no concrete evidence that Manchester United wants him- there has been no mention of him recently by Jose Mourinho.



Man Utd News: Will Man City star Yaya Toure join Man United?

Yaya Toure- when he was a Manchester City Midfielder


According to a recent Man United news blog, Yaya Toure is a free agent after leaving Manchester City at the end of the season. The former City midfielder has not ruled out the possibility of joining United.


The Ivory Coast International is 35 years old and a number of clubs such as West Ham United and Newcastle United have shown lots of interest in the veteran midfielder, who said he prefers to play professional football in England over moving to play in another league.


However, Yaya Toure’s comments seem to suggest that he may make a controversial switch from the Etihad to Old Trafford this summer. Manchester Evening News had asked the player if he thinks he is a potential replacement for Michael Carrick and he responded: “Yeah, he just left, let’s see, let’s see”. (Michael Carrick has not ‘left’ United, he only has retired.)


He said he is willing to play for other big teams so, he does not rule them out. He said he wants to play for a club where he can win and achieve. He said it will be hard to play against City one day, but, he will have to do just that because it is a part of his job.


Toure had also stated that he would like to play alongside Paul Pogba before he retires. Paul Pogba is currently at United (although there are rumours that he might leave in the summer). So, this may mean that Yaya Toure really plans to go to United to play.



Anthony Martial looks set to be transferred in the summer

Anthony Martial is now a 22-year-old striker for United. But, all that seems to change soon when the summer comes as many persons are now aware that Martial wants to leave the club because of lack of playing time and therefore, fewer opportunities to showcase his talent and grow his career. However, Manchester United has indicated that they ill not accept offers from English Club rivals such as Chelsea and Tottenham who have been monitoring the player’s situation at Old Trafford in a hope to sign him.

Anthony Martial- a Manchester United forward

Martial has failed to really impress during his two years under Jose Mourinho and, the arrival of Alexis Sanchez has made it worse with the strikers getting less game time. Martial has not scored for United since the arrival of Sanchez. I was hoping the arrival of Sanchez would help put some sparks in Martial’s talent on the field, but, that has not been the case so far.


Italian giants Juventus seems to be the most likely candidate to sign Martial as they have shown much interest in the striker as well since 2017. Jose Mourinho will be happy to sell Martial but, the club will not sell him to any direct club rival in the English Premier League.


Earlier this year, Martial had refused to renew his contract and sign a 5-year contract with United because he was dissatisfied with his playing time for United.


The France International has been included in the France reserves for the World Cup. This snubbing is rumoured to have been another reason for the young striker to not want to stay at Old Trafford. He will only play if one of the starting French strikers go injured.


A £45 million valuation is on Martial but it’s up to Juventus to see if they can or will meet the demand. But, they can use the Brazilian player Alex Sandro in any deal. It has been reported that the Brazilian is keen to join United and his value is roughly the same as Martial’s.



Fans will know who are the new signees near the end of summer

With many rumours circulating on social media about potential transfer targets for Manchester United new season, it’s difficult to tell who will be transferred to and from the club. There has been much talk about Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez going as well as Anthony Martial. There has been a slight mention of Luke Shaw as well. Anthony Martial looks keen to go but, we cannot tell and be 100% sure until we hear the actual news that deal has been finalised.


Jose Mourinho has many transfers targets but, then he faces competitions from other top clubs as well. However, by the end of the FIFA World Cup, we will be more certain of who will go and who will stay at United for the upcoming 2018/2019 season.


There are also rumours that the Brazilian Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos, also known as Fred, who plays as a midfielder for the Ukranian Club Shakhtar Donetsk will be transferred to Manchester United at a 52 million pound release clause.  However, he may be obtained for less than that.


Please feel free to ask any questions or share your comments regarding any transfer targets or Manchester United players you may know about. Thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “Man Utd News Blog: Who will the club transfer in the summer?

  1. I’m not sure how excited I can be about possible transfers involving forwards. I think I’d be more excited to hear our manager talk about re-visiting how the players he now has might better fit into his system–or perhaps how his system might be adapted to fit with the players he has. There are some great forwards and attacking midfielders in the current squad. It’s a little disconcerting to see them perform great for other teams and for their countries, only to see them not quite life up to the hype when placed in the manager’s system. With that said, I’ll still be reading all the rumors about possible transfers over the summer!

    1. I like to hear that the club will be getting World Class players.  But, as you said, sometimes the players do not perform as well as they are expected to when they join United. I do hope that the new players that United will get will do very well, as well as the current players we have such as Pogba and Sanchez. I am looking forward to Anthony Martial staying at the club and getting more playing experience.

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