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Manchester United vs Liverpool F.C.
Manchester United is the world’s most popular football club and it has the most English Premier League (EPL) Title wins. This club is indeed one of the most respected football clubs in the world and can boast its wonderful success over the years.

More than 500 million fans worldwide enjoy supporting this great club which I have enjoyed supporting since I was a boy.

There are highs and lows in terms of achievements for this great club and 2018 is one of those years. Manchester United finished second in the EPL 2017/2018 season behind local Manchester rivals Manchester city. The club also achieved second place in the 2018 FA Cup Final as well as making it to the second round of the Champions League. Even though these achievements would have been welcomed with much awe from teams of lesser calibre, many Manchester United supporters including the players, manager, staff and board members wanted to have a better season, especially when Man Utd finished 19 points behind Manchester City, and lost 1-0 to Chelsea in the FA Cup final in a match many expected us to win. I think the most disappointing result, in that season, was being knocked out of the Champions league in the second round by Sevilla (a La Liga team), which wasn’t considered a team that could match or compete with Manchester United’s calibre.

In more than one occasion Man Utd News has reported about the manager and their players success and disappointments. Jose Mourinho began the 2018/2019 season with the hope of improving the teams performance from last season with the squad of players he has including the new signings- the Brazilian Fred and the teenager Diogo Dalot. Mourinho had hoped to sign even more players and even some very big names such as Alex Sandro and Sergej Milinkovic Savic.



Man Utd News:Jose Mourinho prepares team for Liverpool Clash


Jose Mourinho (Man United current manager)

In a news report written by Adam Higgins from Manchester United, Jose Mourinho said he and his team will be fighting to obtain a victory against Liverpool at Anfield. The Man Utd manager is optimistic that the team that he will select will have the ambition, desire and fight to win at Anfield.


The Manchester United players will make their relatively short trip to Anfield with a hope to extend the club’s unbeaten run against the Merseysiders to nine meetings.


During a pre-match press conference at Aon Training Complex, Jose Mourinho said he will be trying to get the strategy to guide the Red Devils to a triumph over the main rivals at their home grounds, which is one of the hardest grounds to visit. Jose said he always tries and wants to get a team that will always have the desire, ambition and confidence he has to win. He also said that he knows the Liverpool players are on a high, and the fact that they are virtually leading the EPL table will make it more challenging.


Mourinho said that despite the doubts regarding the team to choose, tactics, philosophy- “we have doubts about everything because we don’t know which players are available. We are going to arrive on Sunday with the players that we have available. We are going to have players who are capable of going there and fighting for the victory.”


Out of Man Utd’s last seven encounters with Liverpool, the club has lost only once. The club has earned clean sheets with both visits to Anfield under Mourinho. Since the Portuguese became manager of Manchester United, he is yet to lose to Liverpool at home or away. But, the past is the past and Jose won’t be counting on that statistic to help him win. He wants his players to have the right mentality and frame of mind to grab that victory over Liverpool on Sunday.



Man Utd News: Jose Mourinho talks money spending

In a Man Utd news report Jose Mourinho was cited saying that a football team is like a house.


The Manchester United boss has stated that Liverpool are in contention for winning the EPL title because of their big spending in the summer transfer window. When Mourinho was questioned about this he said that there are many things that- not just signing players that contribute to a club being able to compete for the biggest prizes. He told the reporters that it is not just about spending and reinforcing the squad. He said that a football team can’t be just about spending money. He said a football team can be a little bit like a house.


Mourinho mentioned that when you have a house that you have to take care of it and clean it and prepare it before purchasing the furniture. He said that after you finished preparing the house then you can focus on getting the furniture to put in the house and you would try to get the best possible furniture so that you can live comfortably in the house.


I believe that in this case that the furniture are the football players and the preparation would be the other necessary things to do such as training, motivation, tactics etc.



Mourinho’s Squad update for Anfield Clash


A red football with Manchester United's logo

Jose Mourinho is hoping for the availability of several players for his squad for the clash against Liverpool on Sunday. David De Gea and Nemanja Matic were the only players rested on Wednesday in the last Champions league group match against Valencia. Chris Smalling, Matteo Darmian and Diogo Dalot had injury complaints and therefore were omitted. Alex Sanchez, Anthony Martial and defender Luke Shaw were also left in Manchester after missing recent games.


However, in the pre-match press conference at Aon Training Complex, Jose Mourinho told reporters that the players that played in the match against Valencia are in recovery session and the players that are in training are the ones that are not fit. He also said that others are not even training. Others are training but very limited, to see if there will be a step by step evolution in the way they will be ready to play.


David De Gea and Matic who had been rested for a week, will be playing in Sunday’s match. Jose said that both players had reasons to rest- De Gea had been playing every minute and needed some mental rest while Matic had been playing every minute and needed some physical rest due to their goal keeping role and defensive midfield role for De Gea and Matic respectively.




What will Manchester United line-up be like?

A pic showing chess pieces.
Football is sometimes called fast-forward chess. These chess pieces are just a way of showing how the players will be lined up as they prepare for battle.

Eventhough Jose Mourinho did not officially release a line for tomorrow’s clash, I think it is likely that Manchester United will use a 4-2-3-1 formation with the players such as: De Gea, Dalot, Young, and Jones as defenders; Matic and Pogba as defensive midfielders; Mata, Rashford and Lingard as attacking or supportive midfielders; and Lukaku as the centre-forward/striker.

Rojo, Sanchez and are out on injury. While Martial, Dalot, McTominay are on tests after receiving knocks in previous matches.



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