Manchester United FC celebrates 50th anniversary of European Cup Win

The 1968 European Cup (UEFA Champions League) final was played between Benfica of Portugal and Manchester United Football Club of England at the Wembley Stadium. The match ended with Manchester United emerging the Champions with a 4-1 victory after extra time. Today, the club is celebrating its 50th anniversary of that European Cup win.

One of the ways of Manchester United (also known as the Red Devils) is celebrating its 50th European Cup anniversary is by selling its “Manchester United 50th Anniversary 1968 European Cup Final” products on its Megastore ‘UnitedDirect’.



Manchester United’s Victories on Route to the European Cup Final

Before I give you a list of the products United will be selling in their MegaStore to celebrate their 50th anniversary, I am giving you an overview of the matches that the Red Devils played before they won the European Cup final.

Table Showing the Clubs Benfica and Manchester United played against before meeting in the final
Before meeting Benfica in the final, Manchester United faced four (4) teams over two (2) legs each.


In the first round matches, United played against Hibernians FC of Malta winning the first leg match (a home match) 4-0 but, drew the second leg at Paolo, Malta 0-0. So, Manchester United ended up winning the match 4-0 on aggregate.  Hence, they could move on to the second round match.


The third match, which was the first second-round match, was against FK Sarajevo of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first leg was played in Sarajevo, Bosnia, which United won 2-1. The second leg, at Old Trafford, ended in a 0-0 draw. So, United won 2-1 on aggregate.
The fifth match, which is the first quarter-final match, was against Gornik Zabrze, of Poland. The first leg was played at Old Trafford, and United won 2-0. United lost the second leg 1-0. But, the Red Devils won 2-1 on aggregate.


The seventh match, which was the first match of the semi-final, was against Real Madrid of Spain, at Old Trafford. The second leg ended in a 3-3 draw at Madrid, Spain. But, United progressed to the final with a 4-3 on aggregate victory.



Manchester United defeated Benfica 4-1 in the Final

After celebrating their victory over Real Madrid, the Red Devils turned their attention to the: Portuguese club, Benfica. Here’s an overview of the match:

The first round ended without any goals and no incident. But, after eight (8) minutes into the second half, Bobby Charlton (now called Sir Bobby Charlton) opened the scoring for Manchester United with a rare headed goal. But, in the 79th minute, Jaime Garca scored for Benfica to level the score. The scored remained this way until the end of normal time, forcing the match into extra time to decide a winner.

Image showing the Kits worn by the two teams and some of the match details
Three minutes into extra-time, Manchester United regained the lead through a George Best one-man dribbling effort to score into an empty net. United now leading 2-1.


A minute later, Brian Kidd, scored on his 19th birthday to put United 3-1 ahead. But the score did not remain that way as Bobby Charlton scored his second goal of the match before 100 minutes to put the score at 4-1 in United’s favour! The match would end with this scoreline, making Manchester United the first English team to win the European Cup. A year earlier, Celtic of Scotland became the first British club to win the Title.


Image showing the names of the players for each team, their positions and team formation


Fifty years since United’s first European Cup Win

Manchester United won the European (UEFA Champions League) Cup for the first time and became the first English team to do so in 1968. We are in 2018, so it is 50 years now since that famous victory. The football club has begun the celebrations of its 50th anniversary since winning this prestigious title. The match was played on May 29, 1968, but United has already announced that it has products for sale on UnitedDirect.


These products are in the commemoration of that 1968 victory. The products include sales of the replica of the blue kit that was being worn during that match by the United players as well as polo shirts and T-shirts, just to name a few.

You can view pictures of these products here.

Model wearing a sample of the 1968 Retro Shirt with the logo on it
This is a photo of a model wearing a sample of the 1968 Retro shirt.


Model wearing a sample of the Polo shirt
Here is another picture of the model wearing a sample of the Polo shirt.


Model wearing a sample of the 1968 T-shirt
This is a sample of the 1968 T-shirt. It looks very cool.


Model showing a what a sample of the Text T-Shirt looks like
If you are the type of person who likes to have texts/writings on your clothing, then this Text T-shirt will suit you.


Model showing a sample of the Zip Sweat

Providing that you need a sweater as well to wear, or prefer to have a sweater over the Polo and T-Shirts, then you can choose this Zip sweat, which is going for £60.


Where can I buy these products?

I have visited UnitedDirect, which has all these products are for sale in its 50th Anniversary Range menu. You can access UnitedDirect through this website so you can make your purchase of those products (Polo shirts, T-Shirts, Text T-Shirts and Zip Sweat). But, there are other products available that are a part of the Manchester United 50th anniversary range that has the 1968 logo on them as well. These include:

  • badge
  • cufflink
  • scarf
  • tie
  • wallet – keep some cash, credit and debit cards, identification cards, photo etc., in Manchester United 50th Anniversary Wallet

Shirt in box short sleeve Text T-Shirt and T-Shirt

Manchester United 50th Anniversary 1968 European Cup win Polo Shirt, long sleeve Zip Sweat and Scarf with commemorative crest

Remember, you can access any of these products through this website on UnitedDirect.  Just select (click on) the words in bold below these images to get your opportunity to celebrate with United its 50th anniversary of winning their first UEFA Champions League title in 1968.  You will be taken the UnitedDirect site where you will be allowed to make a purchase of any of these items and more.   The page that you will be taken to will look something like the following below:

 A Home page of United Direct website


When on this page, you can click on the red button that says “ORDER HERE”  to get access to the 50th anniversary of the 1968 European Cup Win products. (If the page is in another language, then choose translate, to view the page in your language).



50th anniversary collection badge

Manchester United 50th anniversary Limited Edition Badge Set

Cover of 50th Anniversary Collection Badge


Manchester United 50th anniversary 1968 European Cup win wallet

Manchester United 50th Anniversary Wallet

Manchester United woven tie and cufflink



Celebrate 50 years since United’s the 1968 European Cup win

As a fan of Manchester United, you can make a purchase of these products to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 European Cup win.

Long Sleeve Retro Shirt
For example, you can buy this Manchester United 50th Anniversary 1968 European Cup Final Long Sleeve Retro Shirt with presentation box for €69.87. This throwback jersey is inspired by the all-blue change kit that the United players wore on that legendary occasion. It has a commemorative crest that would give United fond memories of that great occasion.


UnitedDirect is Manchester United’s official online MegaStore (Manchester United Shop). Click here: to learn more about UnitedDirect.


Thank you for stopping by. I will be available to answer any of your questions or comments that you may have about Manchester United’s 50th Anniversary 1968 European Cup win.

See you later.





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