Football, also called soccer in the United States, is the greatest or best sport on earth. Everyday hundreds of millions of persons watch or play football. I happen to be an enthusiastic fan of football and the different tournaments or leagues that are offered.


There are many Football clubs around the world today and the richest and most popular clubs use their money to try to buy the best players from different countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, England, France, Germany, Spain, and African countries, that they can get to play for their club in various football leagues.


One of the best leagues in football right now is the English Premier League(EPL), in which the top-flight clubs in England, and Wales compete. The matches in this league are the most watched around the world, especially matches involving Manchester United Football Club.

A football field

Man United- The Most Popular Football Club

There are billions of football fans worldwide, with most of the fans gravitating towards the English Premier League. Manchester United boasts a Television viewership of 2 billion a year, which is 52% of the EPL’s global yearly viewership/audience. This is according to 2013-2014 statistics. There is a joke that anywhere around the world where a football match is being watched, 1/3 of the viewers are Manchester United Fans.


The club is the biggest in terms of fan base, boasting a whopping 750 million fans worldwide. This comes despite being the third most popular club on social media with 99.7 million fans, behind Real Madrid with 165.5 million, and Barcelona with 166.4 million fans. Manchester United has 10 million twitter followers, 16.8 million Instagram followers, and 72 million Facebook followers.


In terms of kit sales, there has been a total of 2.85 million shirts sold in 2016! This statistic makes Manchester United the club that sells the most replica jerseys than any other team in 2016. This sale is said to have been helped by the arrival of the French International, Paul Pogba. Real Madrid sold 2,290,000 shirts, while Barcelona sold 1,980,000 in the same year.


Chelsea was the only EPL club that came closest to Man United with a total of 1,650,000 shirt sales, Arsenal with 1,225,000 and Liverpool with 705,000 sales.



The Most Successful EPL Club

The EPL is dubbed the best league in the world because of the competitiveness. There can be other reasons, such as the very high number of viewers worldwide for the year. The EPL is the only league in Europe that has about six teams that can potentially win the Premiership Title in a season, while other European leagues may have two or three teams that are most likely to win, for example, in the La Liga, only Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid have a real chance of winning the league.


In the EPL the six teams likely to win are: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hot Spurs. Then there was this small team Leicester City who won the league in 2016. That goes to show you how competitive the league can be.


However, despite the great competition offered in the EPL, the most successful club is Manchester United, who have won 42 titles compared to the closest rivals, Liverpool, with 41. Manchester United has the most premier league titles- 20 compared to Liverpool’s 18.

FA Cup trophy
UEFA Champions League Trophy
For the last two decades, Man united has dominated English football for the best part, winning 13 EPL titles, 2 Champions League and a few other domestic and European crowns.

The Barclays EPL and UEFA Champions League Trophy at Man Utd

Man United players celebrate winning the EPL Title

One of United’s most successful year came in the 1998-1999 season when they won the treble- The EPL Title, UEFA Champions League Title and the FA Cup Title.


The Man United team that won the UEFA champions league title

Manchester United Kit deal

Manchester United football once saw the jerseys that the players wear being supplied by Nike. Nike and Manchester United had a deal which ran for 13 seasons. The deal came to an end after Manchester United dropped out of the Champions league, for the first time since 1990.


Nike refused to renew the deal because they saw no rewarding value.

Nike was paying Manchester United £30m a year for the 13 years.


Manchester United Players Posing in their Nike Kit
However, after the end of the deal between Nike and Man United, the German company Adidas offered Manchester United a record deal of £750m for 10 seasons. This deal is more than twice similar deals for other European clubs such as Real Madrid.


The new deal by Adidas came after Nike ended the deal with Man United because Nike believed they would get no value for money. However, Adidas said they expected to get £1.5 billion over the 10 seasons from shirt sales alone.


Now that is a great vote of confidence, especially when it came at a time when Manchester United were not performing at its best. The next biggest deal in Europe close to this is Real Madrid’s £31m a year deal.


Manchester United and Nike had a winning combo as the Red Devils won the 2008 Champions league trophy while being supplied by Nike.


However, Adidas once again will be supplying Man United since they last supplied the club’s kits in 1992.

Man United starting 11 in Addidas kit, September 2016
This photo shows some of Manchester United’s most popular players such as Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Juan Mata and Marcus Rashford as they pose at Old Trafford for a Europa League match in their 2016/2017 kit.


Manchester United also has a sponsorship deal with Chevrolet, which began in 2015. The deal is said to be valued £125m a season.


That is, Man United will be earning £125m per season just from the shirts.

Currently, the post popular Manchester United Jerseys being sold are Paul Pogba’s #6 and Alexis Sanchez’s #7 Jerseys.


Paul Pogba- one of Manchester United's biggest signeesCristiano Ronaldo in his Man United Jersey


The number 7 jersey, which was being worn by one of the greatest football players of all times, Cristiano Ronaldo is now being worn by the Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez.

Alexis Sanchez in Action for Chile

If you are interested in buying any of the Manchester United jerseys or shirts, whether Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Romelu Lukaku, David Degea, or even some former United players such Wayne Rooney who wore the #10, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Robin Van Persie, you can visit the Manchester United Megastore- Man United Direct or even contact Amazon, they should have some replica jerseys in stock to sell.

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Manchester United’s Current success

Currently, Manchester United are in second position in the EPL behind neighbours Manchester City. Man United are also in the quarterfinal round of the Fly Emirates FA Cup and are in the second round of the Champions league. The club is looking to finish this season with at least one trophy, and while the hopes of winning the EPL this season looks dim, there is still chance for them to win the FA cup and make it their 13th hold on the title.


Manchester United also has a chance of winning the Champions League this season as they will take on the Spanish club Sevilla in a two leg match.


Last season, Manchester United finished with two trophies, winning the Europa league title for the first time.


Manchester United only has one Europa league trophy because they never really found themselves competing in that league as it was for clubs who failed to qualify for the champions league and are placed 4th or 5th in their premier league or for clubs that dropped out of the Champions league in the first round. 


Man United are now looking to get their 13th FA Cup title this year.




Man United are the Kings of England

With the current form, Manchester United still has a chance of two titles this season. The club has one of the best managers in the world in the like of Jose Mourinho, who was very successful with Chelsea and other big European Clubs. The club still has very good quality players in the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Degea, and have the potential to soar even higher since the club is not performing at its best.


With the most major trophies in England, which includes the most EPL titles, there is no dispute to say Manchester United are the Kings of England club football and also one of the greatest clubs in Europe in terms of titles. Nevertheless, it will still continue to be the most popular club.


For those who are not but are thinking about becoming a fan of Manchester United can start do so now. One of the ways you can show support for Manchester United Football is by purchasing a Man United Shirt of any player you like, so you can wear it whenever you like.


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