Manchester United Jersey: New Third Kit Inspired By 1968 European Cup Win

Jesse Lingard posing in Manchester United's Third Kit 2018/2019

Manchester United Football Club (F.C.) has announced a new jersey. This new jersey is the new third kit. The Manchester United jersey third kit for the 2017/2018 season was a grey coloured outfit. But, now, the third kit that Manchester United will be using for the 2018/2019 season is a navy blue coloured shirt and a navy blue coloured shorts, with writing gold writing, which is inspired by the 50th anniversary of United’s historic win of the 1968 European Cup final win-the first English team to do so.



The Third Kit is inspired by 1968

On May 11, 2018, Adidas football revealed Manchester United’s third kit for the 2018/2019 season. The making of the new navy blue jersey takes its inspiration from the royal blue that Sir Matt Busby’s players wore in their victory over Benfica in the 1968 European Cup final at Wembley Stadium.


This is not the first kit that was inspired by the 1968 European Cup win. The 2007-2008 third kit was inspired by the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the 1968 win. The kit was built by then United sponsors and partners Nike. Some players who wore this kit included Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Edwin Van Der Sar and Rio Ferdinand.


Manchester United was able to defeat the Portuguese team 4-1 after extra time, thanks to two goals from Sir Bobby Charlton, and one goal each from George Best and Brian Kidd.


According to an article on the Manchester United official website, the jersey was created from the Parley Ocean Plastic in association with Parley for the oceans. Manchester United’s Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold said the jersey represents an important moment for the club because United was the first English Club to win the European Cup title.


The third kit is now for sale on the Manchester United’s Online Mega Store, UnitedDirect.



Is Adidas Manchester United jersey: third kit worth $100?

In a report, Richard Arnold, Manchester United’s Group Managing director says that Adidas is a forward-thinking company because they have taken the initiative to use recycled plastic to make the third kit. That is, the company is making a contribution towards reducing the negative impact of plastics on the environment.


Adidas had signed a £750 million deal with Manchester United and, so far, the partnership is doing very well, especially when Manchester United has the highest number of jersey sales over the recent years.


I have seen pictures of this third kit already- with Manchester United players such as Paul Pogba, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard, Romelu Lukaku and, Anthony Martial posing in this new kit. It looks amazing and I believe that all Manchester United Fans would love it.

Remember that this new kit is inspired by the historic 1968 European Cup win and, back then the players were wearing royal blue. This new kit will be in Navy blue colour and, according to a report on Instagram, the kit will also have a gold design in it.


This kit is for sale in various sizes- men sizes, kids sizes and baby sizes too! You can buy a kit for your self, your child or your baby.


Do you think the new third kit is worth US $100?


How much does third kit 2018/2019 cost?

Go Get YourThird kit on UnitedDirect

In the Manchester United shop, there are seven (7) products available that can be purchased. First, there is the Manchester United third shirt 2018/2019, followed by the third shirt for kids, then the “third baby kit 2018/2019”, which includes the shirt, shorts and socks. Then there is the third kit mini, which includes the shirt, shorts and socks. This product is followed by the Manchester United third kit shorts for men, then the third shorts for kids.


Manchester United Third Mini Kit, third Shorts and Third Shorts for Kids

You may be wondering what the cost for this third kit jersey is (which is a very good thing to consider.) Well, I already asked you if you think the new Manchester United third kit jersey is worth US$100. You might agree that it is worth US$100 or disagree and say it is worth less than $100 or that it is worth more.

Manchester United Third Kit Socks



Anyways, I understand that you would like to budget and will be looking for the jersey at the most reasonable price. However, I think I must say that to get authentic Manchester United jerseys, you should purchase them UnitedDirect. You can purchase them through this website.

The prices on UnitedDirect range from as low as €17.01 (for the socks) to €76.54 (for the Men’s shirt).

However, if you want to purchase any of these items on, you should expect to see prices ranging from $46.77 (for the Adidas Manchester United Third baby kit 2018/2019) to $147.81 (for the “Adidas 2018/2019 Man Utd. Third Adi Zero Football Shirt”).

You are free to make a purchase of these products.


Can your new third kit be personalised?

Personalise your third kit when you order on UnitedDirect

Yes, yes you can personalise, customise, or whatever you want to call it, your third kit. When you get on the UnitedDirect website, to make your purchase of this jersey, you will be given the option of adding an official player printing or, add your own name and number (jersey number).

You might be asking, “How do you know this, Nickoy?” My answer to you is: ‘I am (or this website is) an affiliate of UnitedDirect and, as such, they would usually send me emails, which I subscribed to receive, about their latest product updates and offers.

You might also be thinking how you would receive the kit or jersey after purchasing. Well, not to worry, as long as UnitedDirect receives the payment for the item that you selected, the delivery will be made immediately- it’s just a matter of time, depending on your location before you receive the product.



Manchester United third kit 2018/2019 is amazing

Paul Pogba posing in new Manchester United third kit made from Parley fabric


This third kit made by Adidas football for Manchester United is a very eco-friendly because it is made from Parley fabric which will consist of plastic recycled from the ocean with each shirt made from no less than 28 plastic bottles. The jersey also conveys an environmental message with the details of the phrase “for the oceans” printed on the inside of the collar.

Not only is this jersey eco-friendly, it is also very well-designed and has a fashionable look.


The release of this jersey could tie in with the Red Devils’ summer tour of the United States in July.


Please remember that you can purchase this item on UnitedDirect or


Go Get your Manchester United third kit 2018/2019 Now

Get your Manchester United jersey: Third kit on has a program called Amazon Prime that allows you to purchase items that can be delivered to you within two days’ time. That is if you make a purchase of the new Manchester United third kit jersey, or any other item for that matter, Amazon prime will ensure you get that item (if you are living in the United States) in two days.

You can get your Manchester United Third Kit Kids shirt here

If you have any questions about third kit jerseys or would like to offer any insights or experiences about jerseys, please leave them in the comment below. I would love to hear all about it.


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