Manchester United News- Sir Alex Ferguson had an emergency brain surgery

A portrait of Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United's successful manager

A recent Manchester United News is that Manchester United players suffered a shock after learning that the former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, underwent an emergency brain surgery on Saturday, May 5, 2018. The Manchester United squad members who had worked with Sir Alex Ferguson are overwhelmed with grief after they received news that he suffered a brain haemorrhage on Saturday.


Manchester United former manager suffered a brain haemorrhage

Former Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson spent Saturday morning in the hospital undergoing an emergency brain surgery after he suffered a brain haemorrhage. He was taken to Macclesfield district hospital on Saturday morning before being transferred to Salford Royal after he reported feeling unwell at his Cheshire home.

Sir Alex Ferguson (in the middle) at a FA cup Semi-final match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hot Spurs

Sir Alex, a Scot, retired as United’s manager in 2013 after winning 38 trophies in 26 years in charge.

He was seen at Old Trafford on Sunday during the match between Manchester United and Arsenal. Sir Alex presented his longtime outgoing rival, Arsene Wenger with a commemorative trophy.

While the media seeks more information, Sir Alex’s family have requested more privacy during this time of grief.


In Manchester United news, it has been reported on Manchester United’s official site that the surgery went very well but Sir Alex will need a time of intensive care for his recovery to be optimised.


News reported is that some of the current and former squad Manchester United players who were managed by Sir Alex heard about his illness before the club issued a statement on Saturday evening. One news source said that the players were very shocked. But, Sir Alex is now recovering well after the surgery.



Manchester United news- players rally around Sir Alex Ferguson

After receiving the news that Sir Alex Ferguson is in the hospital after suffering a brain haemorrhage, Manchester United players have gone out to give their full support. According to a report on the Manchester United official site, a host of current and former Manchester United players have sent text messages to show their support for Sir Alex Ferguson as he recovers after doing surgery.

Manchester United News- the beloved Sir Alex Ferguson during a match as United's manager

Michael Carrick, the club’s captain is reported to have texted that he is devastated by the news of Sir Alex’s illness and that he is praying for Sir Alex and his family. He is quoted in a report on telling Sir Alex Ferguson to be strong. Former United player, Wayne Rooney is quoted in a text that he sent saying: “Get well soon boss. Thoughts with all the family”

Current Manchester United first-team players such as Jesse Lingard, Romelu Lukaku, Scott McTominay, Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, Chris Smalling and Ashley Young sent their messages of love and support.


Former United goalkeeper, Edwin Van Der Sar, whose wife, Annmarie, had suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2009 and recovered fully, also sent a very heartfelt message. According to the report on, the message reads: “Devastated about the news about Sir Alex and knowing all too well about the situation ourselves. Stay strong and hope together with everyone you recover. Edwin & Annemarie.”


Other former players such as former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robin van Persie and Ruud van Nistelrooy have sent their support as well. Ronaldo posted saying: “My thoughts and prayers are with you, my dear friend. Be strong, Boss!” Eric Contana, another former United player also sent a message stating that all his thoughts, energy, minutes and seconds are now being dedicated to Sir Alex as he recovers.


Other players such as Paul McGrath, spoke of Sir Alex Ferguson’s strength of character that he has shown through his own life. McGrath is reported to have sent a message saying: “My prayers and thoughts are with him and his family. If anyone can pull through this it will be the man himself.”


David Beckham, a former United midfielder also, sent his message in support of Sir Alex Ferguson’s recovery.
The football club posted on twitter its gratitude to all those who expressed their support and love for Sir Alex Ferguson during his time in the hospital. The tweet goes like this:

“Manchester United would like to thank the wider football world for the messages of support following the news that Sir Alex Ferguson underwent emergency surgery on Saturday evening.”



The club posted the news on Social Media

The recent Manchester United news has gone all over the world. Millions of fans have been hit with the news of SirAlex Ferguson’s illness but, also that he is recovering from a surgery. On the club’ official Instagram account, the club posted the following:

“Sir Alex Ferguson has undergone surgery today for a brain haemorrhage. The procedure has gone very well but he needs a period of intensive care to aid his recovery. His family request privacy in this matter. Everyone at Manchester United sends our very best wishes.”

So far, this post has received 1,139,993 likes and about 34, 600 comments.


Manchester United tweeted on their official Twitter account the following: “Manchester United would like to thank the wider football world for the messages of support following the news that Sir Alex Ferguson underwent emergency surgery on Saturday evening.”


A Tweet made by Manchester United FC showing a picture of the manager when he was much healthier at a football match. In this tweet, the club expresses it gratitude to the football world for its support of Sir Alex's recovery
This Tweet, so far, has received approximately 16000 likes, 4000 re-tweets and 204 comments.


These posts give an idea how much support Sir Alex Ferguson has received via messages from fans and players.



Sir Alex Ferguson’s success as a manager

Sir Alex Ferguson is the most decorated British football manager in terms of trophies- he has won 38 in 26 years as the club’s manager. In his 38 trophies he has won 13 premier league titles, 5 FA Cup titles, 2 UEFA Champions League titles, and four League Cup titles. The other trophies include 10 FA Community Shields, 1 UEFA Super Cup, 1 FIFA World Cup, 1 Intercontinental Cup and 1 Cup Winners Cup.

In 1999 Sir Alex Ferguson won the treble of the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League. He was knighted in the same year.


Sir Alex has been married to his wife Cathy since 1966.



Manchester United EPL main rivals give support

Main rivals of Manchester United Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC also gave their support to Ferguson’s recovery.

Liverpool FC stated that Sir Alex was a great rival but also a great friend and they hope that he will make a full recovery soon.

Manchester City FC in their message said that everyone at the club wishes Ferguson a full and speedy recovery after the surgery.



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2 thoughts on “Manchester United News- Sir Alex Ferguson had an emergency brain surgery

  1. Some pretty worrying news about the man himself! As you rightly say, it looks like he’s on the road to recovery.

    What has really struck me is how the football world has come together. It goes to show while rivalries exist, there are no enemies in football and that respect will always exist.

    1. Yes. The news definitely worrying.  But, as the football world came together to give Sir Alex their support, he was under intensive care to assist his recover. I agree that there are no enemies in football indeed. Football clubs play for their fans to be satisfied and also to show which one of them can be the best.

      A recent news from Manchester United is that the big man no longer needs intensive care to recover. Let’s hope that is so and that he gets to recover 100%. 

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