Manchester United vs Chelsea result: Chelsea wins FA Cup Final

Chelsea F. C has repeated their 2007 triumph over Manchester United in the FA Cup final, with a 1-0 victory. In the latest Manchester United vs Chelsea result, Eden Hazard scores from the penalty spot to give Chelsea their eighth FA Cup title win.

It was a victory that Chelsea never deserved, according to their former manager and current Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho. He said so because Manchester United was indeed the better team on the day.



Chelsea 1-0 Manchester: the 2018 FA Cup final result

The 2018 FA Cup final match was: Manchester United vs Chelsea. It was a much-anticipated match by both Chelsea F.C. and Manchester United supporters. Players, managers and fans of both teams were eager to see the final get on the way at the historic Wembley Stadium to decide the 2018 FA Cup trophy winner.

Eden Hazard- Chelsea (#10) Forward

Both teams having very good quality players, and managers, entered the match with a high expectation from their fans, especially, to be crowned the FA Cup Champions for 2018. In a match that came on the same day of a Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle, both teams came out in front of a huge crowd of supporters.

I believe the Royal Wedding ceremony had eclipsed this match because of its high number of spectators in the town of Windsor, which was 100,000 and, the millions of persons who watched online via YouTube and other live streams.


The match was an entertaining one. The first goal came in the 22nd minute when Eden Hazard (Chelsea’s number 10) scored from the penalty spot after he was brought by challenge made by Phil Jones (a Manchester United defender).


Here is what happened in a lead up to the match’s only goal: Eden Hazard was on his way inside the penalty area to make a shot on goal when Phil Jones went down in an effort to clear the ball but his foot ended up hitting the foot of Hazard’s. When Phil Jones did make his tackle, he did get the ball to some extent, but, Eden Hazard being a smart forward, ensure he got his feet entangled by Jones’ and so he went down. The referee saw the tackle and immediately signalled a penalty.


Eden Hazard took the opportunity to score the opening goal as he went up against David De Gea (Manchester United’s goalkeeper). De Gea dove to his right (Hazard’s left) but, Hazard being very smart, kicked the ball low and hard to his right and scored!


The goal brought on much celebration for the Chelsea for the Chelsea supporters, but disappointment for the Manchester United supporters. The score would remain the same as the Manchester United vs Chelsea result for the 2018 FA Cup final ended 1-0.




Antonio Conte gets a big Victory over Jose Mourinho

Chelsea had been managed by Jose Mourinho before- the man who led them to a historic 1-0 victory over Manchester United in 2007, when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of the Red Devils.

Antonio Conte- Chelsea's current Manager

It seems as if the Chelsea players and manager remembered when they achieved that emphatic victory against Sir Alex Ferguson and his team in 2007 and try to repeat the same result. Jose Mourinho cam with his team of Manchester United players with the expectation to lift there 13th FA Cup Trophy. However, they were stopped by Antonio Conte’s team.


Antonio Conte will more than likely remember this day as he led Chelsea to their eighth premier league title and it was done over his old enemy Jose Mourinho, who must be wondering how allowed such a glorious opportunity to defeat Conte in a major tournament final, slip away.


One player in particular who was the centre of attention was Eden Hazard and, this was not only because he scored the winning goal for Chelsea but that he was coached by the two Managers. Both seemed to disapprove of Hazard and his rare, unpredictable talent. But, during on the day of the FA Cup 2018 final, Hazard proved his worth as a number 10 as in the 21st minute, he breezed away from Phil Jones with a lot of speed. One might wonder what Hazard might do to England when they meet in the World Cup tournament on June 28, 2018.


This was a dreadful final but Hazard might have just left the impression that he is such a great quality player with such a tremendous run and brilliantly taken penalty.



Jose Mourinho said: Chelsea did not deserve the win

In a post-match interview, Manchester United’s manager, Jose Mourinho said that he does not believe Chelsea deserve the win because throughout the match United was the better team. It was reported that Jose Mourinho said he congratulated Chelsea F.C. because they won the match, but he doesn’t think they deserve the win. He also said he congratulated them because he is a sportsman and that as the Manchester United manager, he has to show respect, not because he is Chelsea’s former manager but because they are the opponent that won the cup.


Jose Mourinho- Manchester United's current manager


Jose Mourinho went on to say that Manchester United deserved the win because they were the best team but, because Chelsea scored 1 more goal than them, they won, and that’s the game of football. The United manager also said he is curious to hear what people would say about United if they had played like Chelsea.


Mourinho pointed out that it was difficult to play without Lukaku as the team needed his presence. The Chelsea players played defensively for most of the game with approximately 9 players inside the box. So, it was difficult to get players inside the box to create scoring chances or even score from the chances that were created.


While watching the match on television, it was difficult to believe that Manchester United was losing the game as the players displayed more quality skills than the Chelsea players. The United players found themselves being surrounded by about 3 Chelsea players inside and around the box, which made it very difficult for the forwards or midfielders to really get a scoring chance.


Only a few times did the Chelsea team get a breakaway chance- a counter attack, which was quickly snuffed out by the United defenders.


Jose Mourinho said that it was a game in which David De Gea never really touched the ball. He said the players gave everything and there are no regrets, despite the 1-0 loss.




Why did Manchester United lose the match?

The first half did not have much flare from the United attack, even though Jose Mourinho did not see it as such. He complained that Chelsea players were more unadventurous of the two teams. He also mourned the withdrawal of Romelu Lukaku who came on late into the second half alongside Anthony Martial.


There were some quality performances from some Chelsea players such as Thibaut Courtois (goalkeeper) who ensured that he dealt with crosses into the box as well by catching the ball or punching the ball away to safety. His display of elegant goalkeeping came especially in the second half as the United players burst into life. Other Chelsea players who played fine were: N’Golo Kante, Gary Cahill and Antonio Rudiger.


Phil Jones was left alone to defend against Eden Hazard, which he failed to do miserably. He fouled Hazard and gave up a penalty and, you know what happened after that- Jones got a yellow card, Hazard scored from the penalty spot and Chelsea got a 1-0 lead.


But it was not how the Manchester United players and fans would like to imagine themselves to be at Wembley. The players had about 70 minutes to score after Hazard’s goal but failed to do so- ending the game just as how it had begun with no real flare in their attack, although 8 or 9 Chelsea players had to be present in the box for most of the game. The Chelsea team played the game very tight.


When the last corner was taken, the ball ended into Courtois’s gloves, Alexis Sanchez, Manchester United’s #7 expressed a lot of frustration as he saw this as one of his only chance before the final whistle to score an FA Cup goal and give United a well-deserved equaliser. Ironically, Alexis Sanchez scored in the second half but, the goal was rightfully ruled offside by the assistant referee. The Manchester United players protested the call but, the replay showed that the assistant referee was right because Alexis Sanchez was a bit offside according to the replay.


Manchester United Finished FA Cup runner-up 

This is the second time that a Manchester United team is finishing runner-up to Chelsea in the FA Cup final. They had done so in 2007 with a similar scoreline. Actually, Manchester United has finished runners-up in the FA Cup 8 times, which is more than Chelsea’s 5 times.


Are you happy Manchester United finished second in the FA Cup tournament this season?   To be honest, I have to say that I am satisfied because United got the second best position in the FA Cup tournament this season- just the same result as we got for the English Premier League title this season.  Next season I hope to see the club making bigger accomplishments in terms of trophies.


Even though they lost the match United have the second most FA Cup titles so far- 12 to Arsenal’s 13 and, Chelsea having the same number of FA Cup as Tottenham with 8 titles, including the 2018 title.


Manchester United has made 20 FA Cup final appearances with 12 wins.



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