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Jesse Lingard

Manchester United hosts Chelsea at Old Trafford for a Super Sunday premier league match. This is the second time the two teams are meeting each other this season. The first time they met in this season was at Stamford Bridge back in November, which gave Chelsea a 1-0 victory over Manchester United then. The Red Devils are looking to come away triumphant in this match, and cement themselves in the second position in the 2017/2018 table.

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United’s 2017, record vs Chelsea

Manchester United and Chelsea played three matches against each other in 2017. The first match was in the FA cup quarter-finals on March 13, 2017 at Stamford Bridge. The match ended 1-0 in favour of Chelsea, with the goal coming from N’Golo Kante in 51st minute. During this match, Manchester United’s forward Ander Herrera was red carded in the 35th minute.


The second match was on April 04, 2017, at Old Trafford, which ended in a 2-0 premier league victory for Manchester United, with goals coming from Marcus Rashford in the 7th minute and Ander Herrera in the 49th minute. The third match was another premier league match, which was on November 05, 2017, which ended 1-0 in favour of Chelsea, with the goal coming from the Spaniard Alvaro Morato.


Willian’s Brilliant play gave Chelsea first half lead

Goal scorer, Willian- Brazil's Midfielder and Chelsea's Forward/Midfielder

The clash between two of the premier league giants began at Old Trafford in front of 75060 spectators. With Chelsea coming off an emphatic 1-1draw with La Liga giants Barcelona in their 1st leg Champions league match at Stamford Bridge, their goal scorer in that match, Willian played brilliantly today against Manchester United.

The Brazilian Willian started off hot for Chelsea as he inspired his team-mates to a commanding first half. In the first 10 minutes Chelsea had a ball possession of 61% and Manchester United getting 39% ball possession.

The Chelsea players were calmly knocking the ball around as they aimed at getting into the 18-yard box of United and attack David Degea’s goal. Manchester United had a few chances on the other side, as Willian who seemed so dominant on the ball played very well alongside his teammate Hazard #10, who was being Marked by United’s McTominay.


However, the Chelsea players’ diligence paid off when an attack by Man United was broken up and a move involving Willian making a brilliant pass to his teammate, then receiving it again from Hazard as he made a brilliant run. The run made by Willian enabled him to make a brilliant shot at goal, beating David Degea on the inside post.

Willian’s goal was a brilliant one as the strike beat the best goal keeper in the English Premier league now. The goal coming in the 32nd minute was not a surprise as it seemed as if Chelsea should score more than once before, which made the match appear that it would end up in a win for Chelsea.
Willian’s goal for Chelsea came as no surprise as he seemed the most likely to score on the field, and he was the goal scorer for Chelsea against Barcelona.


Lukaku’s strike gave Man United the equaliser

Lukaku- Man United striker
Chelsea’s celebration of the 1-0 lead came to an end after 7 minutes when the effort made by Alexis Sanchez, Anthony Martial and Romelu Lukaku resulted in a 39th minute equaliser. The goal came because of some brilliant pass from Alexis Sanchez to Martial and then, Martial being surrounded by about two Chelsea players, made a brilliant pass to Lukaku who made no mistake in putting the ball past Thibaut Courtois for his 13th premier league goal this season, and Manchester United’s equaliser.


Lukaku had a chance in the 27th minute to put United ahead but saw his shot blocked by Antonio Rudiger. But almost a minute later, Alexis Sanchez was given the chance to score the first goal of the match when Anthony Martial made a very neat pass to him. Sanchez made a shot on goal, but it was not powerful enough as Thibaut Courtois comfortably collected the ball.

The forward could have made the goal keeper work harder if he had taken the shot on first attempt, but he instead took some time to get the ball on his left foot as he ran onto the ball and was being challenged by a Chelsea defender.
Chelsea tried to regain the lead but were prevented by some very good defending, inspired by David Degea.

Game change came in the second half, Lingard Scores

Jesse Lingard

The Chelsea players, inspired by Willian continued to press for the lead again in the second half. Drinkwater #6, from more than 18 yards out, made a brilliant curling shot on goal but David Degea was there to show that he is a great goal keeper by blocking that shot as the ball curled, dipped and then bounced just in front of him.

Chelsea’s Alonso tried to capitalise on the rebound but was prevented from doing so by a good clearance by a United defender. Chelsea continued to press with attempts from Willian, but his shot went wide.

Martial greets Lingard as he comes on for Martial
Jose Mourinho decided to make a change as he brought on the number 14 Jesse Lingard for the number 11 Anthony Martial, who had a goal assist to his name in the first half. The change proved to be a good one as Lingard started out well as he won a ball from a Chelsea player as he was seeking to make an attack on United’s goal.


Lukaku came close to having a second goal of the match and United’s second goal but was denied by Thibaut Courtois, who made a brilliant save as he tipped the ball over the crossbar for a corner.

Lukaku’s shot was a volley as Alexis Sanchez made a very good pass to him. Lukaku’s volley was almost like a ‘scissors kick’.


Willian saw a brilliant free kick made by him saved by Degea as he attempted to beat the goal keeper again on the inside post with a curling and dipping shot, with the ball dipping just in front of Degea. However, Degea did well enough to stop the ball and hold onto it.

Lukaku’s stepped up his tempo in the second half as he made a brilliant dribble around two Chelsea players before making a brilliant chip in from the edge of the 18-yard box to Jesse Lingard who made a diving header to score Man United’s second goal of the match in the 75th minute. Lingard’s header resulted in the ball going past Thibaut Courtois, as he could only stand and watch as the ball flew past him into the back of the net as he was beaten.

Jesse Lingard heads ball to score the winning goal for United
Willian again gave Chelsea some inspiration as he made a right footed shot to try to beat David Degea on the inside post again. But the Spaniard was very well alert as he made a very good save and blocked the shot and then held onto the ball.

David Degea





Manchester United won 2-1 as Chelsea fought to the end


Paul Pogba, the man with the second highest jersey sales so far this season had a good game as he stood behind his teammates, aiding in the defence and the midfield and contributed to some of United’s attacks.

After the third goal of the match, Chelsea got hungry for an equaliser as they pressed forward constantly. But Jose Mourinho strengthened his defence line when he brought on Bailey to replace Alexis Sanchez in the 81st minute.

The score remained the same until the final whistle as Man United increased their points to 59 to remain second in the premier league table. This match result puts United two points ahead of third place Liverpool and six (6) points of now 5th place Chelsea.


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