Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Did you hear about the Solskjaer T-Shirt?


Former Manchester United legendary player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has not only made a great impact on the progress of the club as he led them to eight consecutive wins and a draw in their last nine matches but is now as a ‘product’ for Manchester United as the club is now selling his T-shirts.

That is, the club is capitalising on the popularity that this legend has gained since joining United as their Interim Manager just over two months ago. The T-shirts are available online and are only available on United Direct (Manchester United’s Megastore). United Direct has 11 Solskjaer products now available.

I urge you to make use of this opportunity and purchase your own Ole Gunnar Solskjaer T-shirt while stocks last and while they are available at a reduced cost.

Solskjaer #20 Jersey brought back to life

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Home Cup Shirt 2018/2019

The Manchester United Online Megastore has made available 11 products with the name “Solskjaer” or “Ole Gunnar Solskjaer” on them to show their respect and appreciation to the legend for what he did for the club while he was a player at Manchester United wearing the #20 jersey, and now as the Interim Manager.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can be remembered for his dedication to the club, but I remember him the most for that winning goal he scored for Manchester United in the 1999 ChampionsLeague Final against Bayern Munich to give United a 2-1 victory. The #20 Jersey was being worn by Solskjaer at the time and, I think he made that jersey number very popular because he wore it proudly and he was a very good player for United.

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It seems as if the marketers at Manchester United have come up with this brilliant idea to involve the fans in their support for the club as well as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s contribution so far with their introduction of the Ole Gunnar T-shirts. These are available on the United Direct website and you can purchase them by clicking on this image and you will be taken to the United Direct website where you will see s list of 8 Home kit products. But to get the page with the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer T-shirt, you will have to type in the search bar the word “Solskjaer” and then hit the search button or press enter on your keyboard. You will then be taken to the page where you can choose from 11 different products with the legend’s name on it:

One of the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer T-Shirt

The T-shirt is also available in the colour black. Also, if you like you can buy a red Manchester United Ole Gunnar Scarf, which you can wrap around your neck when you feel cold and want to help your body keep warm or if you want to wear it just for fashion.



Are there great times ahead for United and Solskjaer?

A picture of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Since the arrival of Solskjaer, the players have been performing much better, especially Paul Pogba who has started scoring again. Also, Anthony Martial has been given more opportunities to play as United’s attacker as well as Marcus Rashford and we have seen how well that strategy has been worked. The Interim manager stated long before he started as United’s manager that he would centre his team of Manchester United players around the French International Paul Pogba, who is known for his World-Class playing skills as a midfielder. The boost in performance of Paul Pogba has indicated that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is indeed a very good coach because it is said that Paul Pogba can only excel when he is under very good management and he is happy.

Anthony Martial has signed a new contract with Manchester United that will last for 5 years. That is, the contract will last until June 2024. Now, remember last year when Anthony Martial was indicating that he wanted to leave the club because of lack of playing time on the first team and that he wanted to improve his career and that staying at Man United under Jose Mourinho would be bad for his career? Now, Martial has changed his mind and has decided to sign the new contract because he is happy to be at Manchester United. Do you know what I think Martial is happy to be at Man United? I think because Solskjaer has been clicking with the players, especially with Martial and has been giving him more opportunities to play.

Now as the season progresses, Man United fans are expecting Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to help the players lift their heads up high, step-up their game, and start winning more matches and end up in a better position than where they are now. That is, qualify for the Champions League, and possibly win the FA Cup.


Where would Man United be now without Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?

EPL point standings table showing results points after 24 matches

From all indications, it is clear that Manchester United would not have been in the sixth position in the EPL if Jose was still in charge, because his players and he were not getting along well. Man United was eighth when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over and if he did not, I think the club would have been in a worse position than eighth because we wouldn’t have won 6 matches straight, especially the one against Tottenham! Manchester United may still have been eighth or maybe even nine with a much lower goal difference than now.

The club is now on 45 points, which is 2 points behind Arsenal, with a goal difference of 13. In the last 7 league matches, United have scored 19 goals and conceded 6 goals. Now, let’s do some math here: 19 minus 6= 13. Yes, that’s right! Man United has a goal difference of 13 since the arrival of Solskjaer and before that, it was zero (0). Now, what more can I say about improvement?

I urge you now as Manchester United supporter, to show your gratitude by getting one of those Ole Gunnar Solskjaer T-shirts now. I don’t think you will regret doing it.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer T-shirts are Available on United Direct

Example to show where to find the search bar on UnitedDirect

Manchester United’s Interim manager is making waves at the club and it’s time for us the fans to join in and share the fun. It will be very good for you to get a copy of Ole Gunnar’s Shirt so you can wear it whenever you feel like (well, you may not be able to wear it to work unless you get permission from your boss. LOL!) As a reminder, the Ole Gunnar T-shirts can be purchased on the Manchester United online store United Direct. Just click here.

If you need help or guidance to make the purchase, just remember when you get into the United Direct store type in “Solskjaer” in the search bar, press enter and you will quickly be taken to the page showing you all the products of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer T-shirt.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any question or comment, please feel free to write them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to respond to you.

Solskjaer #20 Jersey brought back to life

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