Paul Pogba is currently signed to Manchester United as a Midfielder. The 25 year-old was signed from Juventus on an 89 million pounds sterling deal. There were high expectations of him when he joined the club and he was given the title of the Manchester United talisman. However, since this season, Paul Pogba’s performance has been below the level that was expected of him at Manchester United. However, he has still being producing world-class moments.  The player usually plays in the central midfield position, but is comfortable playing in the attack and defence positions as well.


Pogba’s current rating as a player

Paul Pogba- Man United midfielderPogba’s current form is not 100% nor is it near what can be. His ratings has fluctuated in the recent months due to his injuries and also his performance on the pitch. Here is the rating that he has received so far this season:


Prior to the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, Pogba has been totemic for Manchester United, meaning he has been seen as the emblem of the club. However, when Alexis Sanchez arrived from Arsenal, he has been seen on the bench often.


The current rating that Pogba has received from critics out of 10 is 6, so far. Some may say ‘that is not bad’ and I would agree because that score is 60%, which is usually a pass mark for most persons doing tests or exams in schools all ovr the world.


However, for a player with the calibre of Paul Pogba a 6 out of 10 rating is not satisfactory, especially when you know the player can do much better.


However, his performance compared to Alexis Sanchez is better since the Chilean has been rated with a 3 out of 10.

Despite his current form, let us not forget the moments of world-class football he displayed, such as the performance in Europa League semi-final match in which he destroyed two Celtic players.


He also helped the team to advance to the final of the Europa league. The match was a very good one, which resulted in two goals for United, one of which came from Paul Pogba. Manchester United defeated Ajax 2-0 to lift the Europa League trophy for the first time.



Paul Pogba’s social media following

A look at Paul Pogba's Instagram pageFor a very popular player as Pogba, we would all expect him to have a large following on any social network. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, Pogba has millions of followers/fans.


When Pogba used his skill to help Man United defeat Celtic in the Europa league semi-final, the videos and pics of the play Pogba made sent Man United social media followers and fans alike into a frenzy.


On Twitter, Pogba has 4,978696 fans and has made over 600 tweets so far. There are over 7 million likes for the Paul Pogba’s Facebook pages. Paul Pogba is not short of fans and followers, on Instagram, he has 21.5 million followers, including me. I would be very glad to have even 1% of those followers on my Instagram account right now.



International Success and Transfer

Paul Pogba- on the pitch while playing for Man United

Despite, the recent drop in performance at Manchester United, Paul Pogba has still very goof form when playing for France. In a recent report by Manchester United’s official website, Paul Pogba was among one of its headlines.


The France midfield star was reported to have helped his country to a 3-1 victory over Russia as they prepare for the upcoming world cup. In the report on the headline read “Pogba Sparkles for Les Blues”.


In the report, Pogba was said to have made a goal assist to give his teammate Kylian Mbappe his first goal of the match for France in the 40th minute.


Then, in the 49th minute, Pogba scored a superb goal as he netted home a free kick.  The game was being shown live on Manchester United Television (MUTV).


Prior to playing for Manchester United, Pogba was on the Juventus first team roster. He was signed to Manchester United football club in the summer of 2016.

Paul Pogba- when he was playing for Juventus


Currently, there are rumours that Paul Pogba’s football career at Mancehster United could come to an end in the summer, as current Manager, Jose Mourinho is contemplating selling the midfielder in the summer transfer window.


What about Pogba’s Biography?

You may be interested in the player Paul Pogba, whether as a Manchester United or a France player. However, what about his biography- his life, where he was born and who are his parents?


His father’s name is: Fassou Antoine Pogba.

His mother’s name is: Yeo Pogba.

According to Wikipedia, Paul Pogba was born in Lagny-sur-Marne, Seine-et-Marne, to Guinean parents. He follows the Islam faith, which means he is a Muslim.


He has two older twin brothers who are also footballers. Florentin, the eldest, currently plays for French club Saint-Étienne, while Mathias plays for Dutch club Sparta Rotterdam and the Guinean national team.


Pogba’s Net worth
Paul Pogba has come under much criticism since he returned to English Football. CNN reported, in 2016, that the player is worth $120 million! And as history’s most expensive footballer in 2016, he has been the subject of much scrutiny.


One website listed Pogba’s salary a week at United to be £165,588. That’s greater than many professionals work for the year!


Now put all of this together, combined with endorsements or sponsorship deals.

You might have an idea of what Pogba’s net worth really is. And if you are wondering what is meant by net worth, it is the ‘estimated’ value of an individual or company after all their debts or expenses have been subtracted from their income.


According Forbes magazine, the income of Pogba comes from earnings: $21.2 million, salary and bonus: $17.2 million and $4 million from major sports sponsor Adidas.

According to Celebrity Net worth, he is worth $60 million!




Based on what is presented here, I can tell you that Pogba has a good number of years to play football, and while he is not in top form, there is room for improvement.


I think he should be given more time at Manchester United so that he can prove and show that he is really worth the money they paid for him or maybe more. Also, I believe that you or me have not seen the best of Pogba yet.


The world cup is coming in a few months and this will be a place for him to shine and prove that he is really a great football player.


He played very well in world cup 2014. He has the opportunity to shine for United in 8 more premier league matches this season, as well as a semi-final Fa cup match and maybe the FA cup 2018 final match.

Let us see where his progress will go from here.


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to reply or help you.






  1. There’s no doubt that Pogba is probably United’s most naturally gifted player. It’s a shame that he’s underperforming and I can only assume there’s something going on behind the scenes.

    There have been a few games where he single handedly has blown away the opposition and this is what we need to see more of!

    I honestly believe that if all our players were performing to the best of their abilities, we’d give City a run for their money.

    1. I agree with you. Paul Pogba is a great player. I wish he was performing better though, or, as you said, “he has single handedly blown away the opposition”- I want to see that in most games as possible.  I hope Mourinho does not sell him when the summer transfer window comes.

       I think if he improves then the quality of play of other players will improve as well.  Right now he is performing better than Alexis Sanchez – who I thought will be shining, but has seemed to struggle to find goals so far

      Yes, City will definitely be given a run for their money if our players were playing to their full potential- may be they would be struggling to keep up with us.  And I think we would still have been in  the Champions League (in the Quarterfinals now).

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